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A women’s hair defines her. It is her crowning glory. So it’s only natural that so much time, money and research goes into hair care. Black women are probably the most explorative when it comes to hair and styling and for years have struggled with the hair ideal, using relaxers and other chemicals to force the hair straight, damaging it in the process, further encouraging the cycle of chemical treatments. However, in recent times, more and more women are flaunting and embracing the natural hair look.

The benefits of going natural are numerous; stronger, softer, healthier hair, no more expensive trips to the salon, a choice of hairstyle to suit your mood, lifestyle or outfit, and it’s a great time-saver. 

However, deciding to let your natural hair shine can be both liberating and challenging. It is Natur-
Ëlle by Dee’s mission to help women on this journey, to empower them to go back to their roots and embrace their natural hair. 

We found the biggest challenge was the lack of locally made, affordable and accessible products formulated for the specific needs of natural hair.

This is how Natur-
Ëlle by Dee began.

Formulated with natural butters and oils, all Natur-Ëlle by Dee products are free from sulfates, petroleum, parabens, silicones, and mineral oils, making them safe for you and the environment.


These products are made without…


Parabens act as preservatives in skin & hair products, but they may interfere with hormones.


Fact is that petroleum is not a "moisturizer," but rather a "barrier" which means that having no moisturizing properties.


Phthalates are used in scented products & nail polish, but they also may interfere with hormones.


Formaldehyde has been linked to irritating sensitive skin and causing hair loss if used frequently.


Sulfates make your shampoo or soap foam up, but they can dry out hair & irritate sensitive skin.

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